1. Pretty

From the recording Stronghold

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I want to make it pretty
Hide the cracks and patch it up and go
I want to savor
Swallow down the syrup to coat
Paint and pillows and plants and trinkets hide the things we don’t dare to think
Everyone is doing it too

Candy crackle
Sugar-coat the sour reality
Paint and spackle
Hide what you and I will always see
Dim the lights and strike the matches
You confessed your sins all to me

When the walls come down we’ll be hiding underground
Will the frame still hold your weight?
When the door caves in, what room are you standing in?
If you had to start again, will this foundation hold?

It was so lovely
Lovely while we kept the game afloat
You look so tired
You don’t have to keep it up no more
Amongst the frills and fluff and flowers everyone can smell the truth
Set it down and just walk away
You can live for another day
I’m sorry, but we all cannot stay

Copyright 1.5.17