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As I continue to grow as an artist, new opportunities present themselves. I am excited to work more in the voice acting world, while continuing to work with the band Modern Drugs. Here is a bit more about my history.

About 7 years ago, my musical career took a huge leap when I began recording with Ryan Groff, of Elsinore and Perennial Sound Studio.  At that point, I was working on a collaborative album with Kurt Ellenberger and David Renter under the name Anna Gram.  That kickstarted my passion to get back to songwriting.

Two years ago, I finished my first full length album, fully produced at Perennial Sound Studio.  

At the same time, I was approached by some local filmmakers some years ago to compose the music for a film called Brine. It awoke my love for film scoring. I was fortunate to know several filmmakers in my community due to my acting work. in 2017 I composed my second score for a film in Pens to Lens, an amazing program that produces student scripts into films. That catapulted my scoring career. Since then, I have composed 6 more scores and a song for another film. I never knew how much I would enjoy that aspect of movie making.

I am still acting, and hope that will always be a part of my creative work.

In addition, I'm encouraging my own daughters to express their creativity through music, dance, acting, animation, sculpting and anything they desire!

I continue to teach music, dance, and drama to elementary students in my town. I hope that I am making a positive impact on their lives through the arts.





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Since the release of my album, I've had the joy of joining forces with Ryan Groff and three other amazing folks: Jim Standerfer, Alan Honeycutt, and Mallory Simonds to form the band Modern Drugs. Check us out at https://moderndrugsband.bandcamp.com/


My friend Jason Michael Bentley helped me start this site, and sometimes sang with me at shows.  In other words, i wouldn't be here without him.  So visit his site, cuz he's a cool dude and very talented.  thanks Jason.